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London, UK Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Fan Favorite Health and Fitness Products That Shoppers Are Falling In Love With

Life & Style has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.

The direct to consumer model (DTC) is becoming more and more popular and preferred among health and fitness brands and consumers. This model allows consumers to directly access solutions to their problems or needs without having to consult a bunch of different people from different specialties. These brands allow consumers to access their products and services directly from their websites, allowing for a direct line of communication from manufacturers to consumers. Let’s take a look at a few DTC health and fitness brands that are quickly becoming favorites.

The Gorilla Bow 

The Gorilla Bow is a truly innovative solution for home exercise. Built for all ages, our resistance bands offer a much needed solution to traditional weight lifting that can be hard on the joints and muscles. Our products combine the resistance you need with the smoothness your joints need.

Chris Caouette, Co-Founder Gorilla Bow


 Health and fitness today are intersecting with personal technology. At Expectful, we offer a one stop app solution for new and expecting mothers to keep track of their pregnancies and connect with professionals to gain insight on nutrition, lactation and breastfeeding and even sleep coaching for your toddler. 

Nathalie Walton, Co-founder and CEO Expectful


At Unico Nutrition, we are proud to offer a transparent and sustainable solution in the wellness and supplement industry. With so many brands including toxic and harmful chemicals in their supplements, we guarantee that our products include what they say they do. We take pride in offering transparent marketing and healthy formulas to create our fitness supplements. 

Lance Herrington, Founder, CEO, and Head of Design UNICO


Our resistance strength building technology at Kayezen offers a portable gym solution for anyone passionate about fitness. Today, it’s all about being able to work out on the go. Kayezen Vector allows you to dial in the resistance you need and take your preferred workout with you anywhere you go. 

Eric Kaye, Founder Kayezen

Shop Hope

Shop Hope provides a much needed boutique solution for women. We offer comfortable, cute and stylish options for every outing. We aim to put style and fashion back in the hands of our women, offering affordable and stylish clothes for any occasion. 

Rachel Jones, Head of PR Hope Health

Proper Wild 

Many of us rely on energy supplements and beverages that are loaded with harmful ingredients. At Proper Wild, we make plant based energy drinks and shots that promise to give you long lasting and clean energy without a nasty crash in the middle of the day. Retaining energy is about taking care of your body, and the more energy drinks we rely on the more we are ultimately giving our bodies the opposite of what they need. 

Vincent Bradley, Co-founder and CEO Proper Wild


At Kroma, we are quickly becoming a fan favorite because of our natural and healthy supplements to your daily essentials using completely natural ingredients. We offer matchas, chais and even broths to help enhance your daily nutrition with simple, everyday products. 

Lisa Odenweller, CEO and Founder Kroma


Meditation is a central part of wellness for us at Headspace. Our caring and step by step approach to meditation has helped thousands of consumers tackle the stress of their daily lives and live a more fulfilling routine. 

CeCe Morken, CEO Headspace


Read the full article at: lifeandstylemag

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