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London, UK Posted 7 months ago

12 Trusted Running Socks

They're a runners most underrated partner in crime. Here are 12 we can fully vouch for.

Socks are quite possibly the most neglected article of clothing—well, until half the pair goes missing in the dryer. They are unappreciated and, when it comes to activewear, probably one of the least thought about and considered. After all, a sock is a sock is a sock, right?

Wrong. Runners need to pay extra special attention to the socks they slip on to their feet. As you rack up those miles, they seal and protect your feet from all that wear and tear.

So what are the important factors when it comes to running socks? The first thing to consider is material. Since our toes tend to get sweaty, moisture-wicking qualities and breathability are essential. Look for a blend of natural fibers and synthetics, and stay away from cotton as it tends to hold moisture in.

Another area to think about when it comes to socks is construction. Certain brands have specified cushion support like unique weaving at your arch and toes. 

When it comes to length, that’s a personal preference. But your choice of running location and weather or trail conditions should affect your choice: During colder months or when you’re hitting muddy trails, a taller knee length can provide extra coverage. 

12 Best Socks for Runners

Before you slip on your sneakers, check out this list of socks we love to sweat in.

Balega Support Socks | buy

These will cradle the feet without compressing or restricting, enhancing comfort during any activity. Expecting mothers are approving of these as they help with their uncomfortable, swollen feet too.

Injinji Ultra Run Mini Crew | buy

Five-toe constructions offer you natural function and freedom of your foot. Their new sock style delivers the support runners love with a snug fit. Mini crew length hits just below the ankle.

Icebreaker Run + Ultralight Mini | buy

Technical merino wool makes these durable, lightweight, and stink-free. Won’t budge the entire length of your long or trail run. No-show height for those who prefer a clean look when running.

Asics Quick Lyte Plus | buy

Excellent coverage with breathability, this ankle sock has targeted cushioning in all the right places. Comes in a set of three, so you’ll always have a pair handy.

Smartwool PhD Pro Endurance Crew Sock | buy

Ultrarunner approved, so you know this will last for miles and miles, or 42 to be exact. Featuring the brand’s top-notch technology: Indestructawool™ technology for durability, the virtually Seamless™ toe for comfort, and elite fit with their 4 Degree™design.

Saucony Ventilator No Show Tab Sock | buy

Mapped ventilation technology combines with ultra-wicking yarn allowing you free to go the distance. Also, in the construction, a high-density targeted cushion that will absorb impact. Comfy enough to wear around the house too.

Brooks Carbonite Socks | buy

Anyone who takes their runs in low-light conditions knows the importance of visibility at different points of the body. With a length that extends just past the ankles, these are made with a sweat-wicking dry layer and have 3M Reflective strips at the top.

Swiftwick Aspire Four Socks | buy

From the road to the trail, this compression sock supports muscles and decreases fatigue. The thin silhouette and unobtrusive feel, especially on long and hot sweaty runs, will make you want to stay out longer and run faster.

Rnnr Marathon Socks | buy

These socks have a trendy pattern and length, but they can withstand your grittiest runs: We tested them through mud, water, and sand. A cushioned footbed with arch support and no-slip technology keeps your feet secure and blister-free.

Smartwool Women’s PhD Run Ultra Light Micro Socks | buy


Read the full article at: womensrunning

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