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Posted 1 year, 1 month ago

One and All Cycling


One and All Cycling is one of the largest cycle clubs in the South West. We were awarded British Cycling's Club of the Year for our large, varied membership and wide range of inclusive activities. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive club, hoping to appeal to all abilities and supporting all types of cycling from leisure riders to racers where ever and whenever possible. Our success is based on the Sunday ride, leaving from various venues in Cornwall (please check our website or Facebook page for weekly updates) around 9.15 to 9.30 am. These are always led by experienced riders, offering a range of routes and distances to suit all abilities, with a 'no drop' ethos to ensure everyone enjoys the experience of riding in the glorious Cornish countryside and famous coastline.


Check out our website for details of the Group Ride structure. We have a very popular Academy as an integral part of the club, which is focused upon young people encouraging and developing them and their cycling abilities. Organised by British Cycling qualified coaches, they offer structured and organised sessions every Sunday morning on a closed road facility. We achieved Clubmark status in 2012 as an indication of our commitment to running a welcoming club. We are also a British Cycling 'Go Ride' club. In the past, we organised and marshalled a successful season of circuit racing (or criteriums) at Perranporth airfield, known as The Cornish Series. We have now been involved; along with other Clubs in the region, in developing a local race circuit at Wheal Jane. This is available for all Cornish clubs to use, as well as for coaching and providing a safe environment for new riders to learn essential skills. We have also organised a number of Individual Time Trials in association with Cycling Time Trials.


There are a number of social events throughout the year, as well as the opportunity to travel with club members to tackle some national cycling events like track racing and Sportive rides. There is also an annual trip to Brittany, France and members ride in other places in Europe and beyond through individual and group travel. In addition to the Sunday rides, we have a turbo-training session on Thursday evenings throughout the winter for adults, and a Friday evening session aimed at improving Academy riders fitness. A Wednesday morning club ride is also available, a social event of about 25 miles and/or two hours with a stop for coffee, running throughout the year. We look forward to welcoming you to our club activities. Anyone considering taking out membership is entitled to have two 'taster sessions' with us, after which we ask you to join the club and British Cycling (or CTC, British Triathlon or Cycling UK). As a 'Go Ride' club, membership of British Cycling is free for the first year to junior members.

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